Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Biggest Causes of Stress in Modern Life

Stress is a big factor in our lives, not just in the U.S. but also in different places in the world. We have to start to find the solutions to help people deal with their worries and problems. From my perspective I think there is a strong relationship between human behavior and health. Also the job or work affects the people and their minds. Finally the stress may affect your physical health.

Did our behavior affect our health? The answer is yes, our behavior can badly affect our health. People can have stress when something happens
like natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes. When you feel stress, your hormones will be modified and you will be more exposed to heart diseases. Further, when you got stress your immune system heightens the probability of contracting colds or cancer. For example, my father has a really stressful life because he is a business man; his health is not so good. He has a heart disease and he has a high blood pressure. Also, he has diabetes and his doctor told him that all these came from his stress.

It is really your work that affects your mind and affects your stress. The studies find that if you work inside, that can be a good reason to have stress; for example, the study shows that line workers and air-traffic controllers are the most stressful jobs. When you are a teacher of adult people or when you are a secretary this kind of job is not stressful. For example, one of my mothers was a teacher for 20 years and she told me that she never faced stress.

On our life we face a lot of things that cause small stress such as waiting in the long line or taking an exam, trying to find a job or losing your job. Also, sometimes we have a small problem with our family or our friends and the biggest stress is the death of loved one, like when a husband loses his wife or a wife loses her husband or a mother loses one of her kids. The studies show that when you lose someone you love you will feel desperate and stressful; that will make it harder for your immune system to reject cancer. However, stress will not only make it harder to face cancer but will make you more likely to get diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, headache and acid in the stomach. Also, when somebody has stress that will drive him to do some bad behavior that will affect his physical health. Activities such as smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, eating too much or too little, or skipping exercise make it easy to get any of these diseases.

In conclusion, stress is a large issue in the world. We should find answers for people about how to deal with their stress. There is a connection between people's actions and their fitness. Also, the occupation affects directly on people's brains; moreover, stresses may influence your physical condition.


Anonymous said...

A new study of 1,000 workers in Europe found that stressful jobs accounted for 45 per cent of new cases of depression. The factors which the scientists isolated as being especially important were excessive demands on the job and extreme time pressures. Not only did they find that these workers, with an average age of 32, were experiencing a high percentage of job-related stress-induced depression, but there appeared to be a 40 percent increase in reports from workers of job stress.

Gail said...

I agree. Stress can affect our health, our happiness, and our professional success.

Fortunately there are many simple things we can do to dramatically reduce stress. Here are a few...

Exercise Regularly
Practice Slow Deep Breathing
Avoid Junk Food and Processed Food
Get Adequate Rest
Allow Time for Play and Fun
Develop a Strong Sense of Humor
Practice Prayer or Meditation

There are many other gentle stress relief techniques that are simple and effective.